Lionel Messi’s Impact on American Soccer: A Star’s Journey with Inter Miami

Lionel Messi’s Impact on American Soccer: A Star’s Journey with Inter Miami

Lionel Messi, the Argentine superstar, has officially arrived in American soccer, making a headline-grabbing move from Paris Saint-Germain to Inter Miami. Since his arrival in July, Messi has wasted no time in making his presence felt in Major League Soccer (MLS). As the biggest star the league has ever seen, all eyes are on him as he strives to elevate Miami from the bottom of the table to playoff contenders and, ultimately, title challengers.

In this article, we will closely examine Messi’s performances in various matches with his new club, Inter Miami, and evaluate how he has influenced their journey in MLS.

A Tough Match

August 30: Inter Miami 0-0 Nashville SC, MLS

Despite his brilliance, Messi faced challenges too. In this match, he was stifled by Nashville’s resolute defense, resulting in a frustrating goalless draw. It was a reminder that even the best can have tough days in soccer.

Messi’s MLS Debut: A Quiet Night Turns Spectacular

August 27: New York Red Bulls 0-2 Inter Miami, MLS

Initially starting on the bench due to fatigue, Messi’s MLS debut appeared to be a mere cameo. However, this is Messi we’re talking about, and even his muted performances end with stunning goals. He combined with Benjamin Cremaschi to score a Goal of the Week candidate, securing a win for Miami. In just 30 minutes, Messi had 23 touches, showcasing his impact even in limited time. Grade: A-

Miami’s Miracle in U.S. Open Cup

CINCINNATI, OHIO – AUGUST 23: Gerardo Martino of Inter Miami and Lionel Messi #10 of Inter Miami celebrate the win over FC Cincinnati in penalties at TQL Stadium on August 23, 2023 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Trevor Ruszkowski/USSF/Getty Images for USSF)

August 23: FC Cincinnati 3-3 (4-5 pens) Inter Miami, U.S. Open Cup

Inter Miami faced adversity, trailing late in the U.S. Open Cup match. However, Messi, the hero yet again, played a pivotal role in this comeback. While he didn’t score, he set up two crucial goals, including the last-gasp equalizer, which led to victory in a penalty shootout. Messi’s ability to create miracles under pressure shone through, solidifying Miami’s cup run. Grade: B+

Messi’s Magic in Leagues Cup

August 19: Nashville SC 1-1 Inter Miami (9-10 pens), Leagues Cup final

In the Leagues Cup final, Messi displayed his star power by scoring a stunning goal that set the tone for Miami’s victory. Despite Nashville’s resilient performance, Messi’s magic prevailed. In the penalty shootout, he scored confidently, helping Miami secure their first-ever trophy. Messi’s consistency in delivering results continued. Grade: A

August 15: Philadelphia Union 1-4 Inter Miami, Leagues Cup

Messi’s influence extended beyond scoring, as he contributed to Miami’s win with a dazzling long-range finish. Although he was not the sole contributor, Messi’s impact remained undeniable. The win propelled Miami to their first-ever cup final, showcasing Messi’s ability to inspire his team. Grade: B+

August 11: Inter Miami 4-0 Charlotte FC, Leagues Cup

Despite a quiet start, Messi found his goal in the final moments of the match, maintaining his streak of scoring in every appearance. His consistency continued, pushing Miami further in the Leagues Cup. Messi’s unwavering performance remained a key asset. Grade: B+

August 5: FC Dallas 4-4 Inter Miami (3-5 pens), Leagues Cup

In a wild Leagues Cup clash, Messi’s late free-kick equalizer showcased his brilliance. His two goals in the game made him the competition’s leading scorer. Messi’s ability to step up when it mattered most led to Miami’s victory. His impact remained undeniable. Grade: A

August 2: Inter Miami 3-1 Orlando City, Leagues Cup

Facing physical challenges from Orlando City, Messi still managed to score twice. His goals demonstrated his ability to shine even under pressure. Messi’s exceptional performance persisted, making him a force to be reckoned with. Grade: A

July 25: Inter Miami 4-0 Atlanta United, Leagues Cup

In his first start for Inter Miami, Messi dominated the game with two goals and two assists. His performance was exemplary, showcasing his ability to not only score but also create opportunities. Messi’s influence on the team was profound. Grade: A+

Messi’s Inter Miami Debut

July 21: Cruz Azul 1-2 Inter Miami, Leagues Cup

Messi’s debut for Inter Miami was nothing short of spectacular. His late free-kick goal secured a victory and marked his arrival in American soccer. It was a dream debut that set the tone for his journey with Miami. Messi’s impact was immediate and unforgettable. Grade: A+


Lionel Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami has ignited Messi Mania in MLS. His consistent, awe-inspiring performances have propelled Miami to success in various competitions, securing their first-ever trophy and making them playoff contenders. As Messi continues to dazzle on American soil, there’s no doubt that he has left an indelible mark on the league and his new club, Inter Miami.

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