The intriguing tale of Ryan Gravenberch: Bayern Munich’s transfer disappointment might find success in the Premier League with Manchester United or Liverpool

The intriguing tale of Ryan Gravenberch: Bayern Munich’s transfer disappointment might find success in the Premier League with Manchester United or Liverpool

Ryan Gravenberch’s journey from the promising youth ranks of Ajax to the prestigious Allianz Arena was supposed to be a tale of triumph and success. But, alas, his move to Bayern Munich has been fraught with challenges, leaving fans and experts alike wondering what went wrong. In this article, we’ll delve into Gravenberch’s career, the high expectations, and the hurdles he faces in the Bundesliga. Could the Premier League hold the key to unlocking his true potential? Let’s find out.

The Early Promise

A Star in the Making

Ryan Gravenberch’s footballing journey began at Ajax, where his exceptional skills and physical prowess made him stand out even at a tender age. Ajax’s former youth team coach, Brian Tevreden, was quick to recognize his potential. He compared Gravenberch to football legends Frank Rijkaard and Paul Pogba, describing him as a tall, dominant figure with exceptional technical abilities.

A Swift Ascent

Gravenberch’s rapid ascent continued as he made his professional debut for Ajax at just 16, becoming the youngest player ever to grace the Eredivisie in the club’s illustrious history. His potential was evident when he received the prestigious Abdelhak Nouri Trophy, an accolade previously awarded to Dutch stars like Wesley Sneijder and Matthijs de Ligt.


The Ill-Fated Move to Bayern Munich

A Bargain Turned Burden

In June 2022, Gravenberch made a move to Bayern Munich for a seemingly modest fee of €18 million, raising eyebrows across Europe. Initially viewed as a bargain buy, the move quickly soured. Gravenberch struggled to secure regular game time, managing just 938 minutes in his debut season.

Clash of Expectations

His frustration with limited opportunities was palpable, leading to public complaints and discord within Bayern’s ranks. The transition from being a star at Ajax to a benchwarmer in Munich proved challenging.

Defensive Dilemmas

One of the primary reasons behind Gravenberch’s struggles was his defensive contribution, or the lack thereof. Bayern’s head coaches, first Nagelsmann and later Tuchel, questioned his off-the-ball work. In some instances, he was held responsible for goals conceded, putting his defensive capabilities under scrutiny.

The Uncertain Future

Positional Predicament

Tuchel’s assessment further complicated matters, as he identified Gravenberch as a No.8, not a No.6. This lack of clarity regarding his role and responsibilities left the young midfielder in limbo.

A Glimmer of Hope

While Gravenberch’s future at Bayern remains uncertain, two English giants, Manchester United and Liverpool, have expressed interest in his services. A reunion with former mentor Erik ten Hag at Old Trafford or the prospect of flourishing under Jurgen Klopp at Anfield might rejuvenate his career.

Learning from Adversity

Ryan Gravenberch’s story is far from over. His journey has taken an unexpected turn, challenging him in ways he never experienced at Ajax. How he copes with this adversity will define his future. He may yet evolve into the world-class midfielder many believe he can be.


Ryan Gravenberch’s career at Bayern Munich has been a rollercoaster ride, from early promise to unexpected challenges. His future remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: he has the talent and potential to become a footballing sensation. Whether that happens in the Premier League or elsewhere, only time will tell.


1. Why did Gravenberch move to Bayern Munich? Gravenberch moved to Bayern Munich in search of new challenges and opportunities, attracted by the club’s reputation and potential.

2. What are Gravenberch’s strengths as a midfielder? Gravenberch possesses exceptional technical abilities, physical strength, and a strong presence on the field.

3. Is a return to the Eredivisie a possibility for Gravenberch? While it’s uncertain, a return to the Eredivisie is unlikely in the near future due to his ambitions and potential suitors in top European leagues.

4. Can Gravenberch overcome his defensive deficiencies? With the right guidance and training, Gravenberch has the potential to improve his defensive capabilities and become a more well-rounded midfielder.

5. Which English clubs are interested in Gravenberch? Manchester United and Liverpool have shown interest in signing Gravenberch, offering him a fresh start in the Premier League.

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