The Rise and Fall of Ansu Fati: From Barcelona’s Next Big Star to Uncertain Future

The Rise and Fall of Ansu Fati: From Barcelona’s Next Big Star to Uncertain Future

In the world of football, there are stories of meteoric rises and sudden falls, and one such story that has captivated fans around the world is that of Ansu Fati. Once hailed as the prodigy who would inherit Barcelona’s famous No.10 shirt, he now finds himself on the fringes of the squad, facing an uncertain future. In this article, we’ll take you through the incredible journey of Ansu Fati, from his early days at La Masia to the present day.

A Star is Born: The Early Days

Ansu Fati burst onto the scene in July 2019 when he signed his first professional contract with Barcelona. The plan was for him to play for Barca B in the Spanish third tier before making his way to the first team. Little did anyone know how quickly he would rise to prominence.

BARCELONA, SPAIN – MARCH 12: Anssumane Fati of FC Barcelona U19 looks on during the UEFA Youth League round of 16 round 2 at Mini Estadi on March 12, 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)

Record-Breaking Debut

Just a month later, in August 2019, Barcelona faced an injury crisis, and Fati was called upon to fill the void left by seasoned stars like Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi. He made his debut against Real Betis, becoming the second-youngest debutant in the club’s history. This was the beginning of something special.

The Youngest Goalscorer

A week later, Fati etched his name in the history books by scoring his first goal against Osasuna, becoming the youngest goalscorer in Barcelona’s storied history. His youthful exuberance and clinical finishing were a breath of fresh air.

A Dream Start to His First Start

In September 2019, Fati was given his first start against Valencia. In a mesmerizing performance, he scored and provided an assist within seven minutes of the match. His partnership with Frenkie de Jong hinted at a bright future for Barcelona.

Champions League Record

Fati’s impact wasn’t limited to La Liga; he made history in the Champions League too. In December 2019, he scored the winning goal against Inter Milan, becoming the youngest goalscorer in the history of the competition—a record he still holds.

International Recognition

By September 2020, Fati was already making waves internationally. He earned his first call-up to the Spanish national team and became the second-youngest player to represent Spain. His debut goal for Spain showcased his immense talent.

Clasico Impact

In October 2020, Barcelona faced their arch-rivals Real Madrid. While the team suffered a defeat, Fati made his mark by scoring and becoming the second-youngest goalscorer in the history of El Clasico. His potential seemed limitless.

Injury Hell Begins

The promising journey took a dark turn in November 2020 when Fati suffered a knee injury. Despite initial optimism, his recovery was marred by complications. Disagreements over treatment methods only added to his woes.

Multiple Surgeries

Fati underwent multiple surgeries in a bid to recover. Each time, hopes were high, but the persistent knee pain and swelling haunted him. The toll of these surgeries on his young body was immense.

The No.10 Legacy

Despite his injury struggles, Fati was entrusted with Barcelona’s iconic No.10 shirt in September 2021, following Lionel Messi’s departure. The club saw him as a symbol of their future, despite his extended absence from the pitch.

Return to Action

Fati’s return in September 2021 was met with enthusiasm. In his first game back, he scored a goal, showing glimpses of his past brilliance. However, injuries continued to plague him.

New Contract and New Injuries

In October 2021, Barcelona extended Fati’s contract until 2027, highlighting their faith in his potential. However, injuries continued to haunt him, casting doubt on his ability to consistently perform at the highest level.

A Father’s Intervention

In March 2023, Fati’s father, Bori, publicly criticized Barcelona for not giving his son enough playing time. He even suggested that Ansu Fati should consider a move to Real Madrid, adding fuel to the speculation about his future.

Uncertain Future

As of August 2023, Ansu Fati’s future at Barcelona remains uncertain. The club’s financial struggles and the emergence of young talents have put his position in jeopardy. Rumors of interest from other top European clubs have further clouded his future.


In conclusion, Ansu Fati’s journey from ‘Next Messi’ to a player facing an uncertain future is a poignant tale of talent, injuries and the pressures of expectation. Barcelona fans still hope to see him realize his immense potential but only time will tell if he can overcome the obstacles that have plagued his career thus far.


  1. Will Ansu Fati ever return to his best form? It’s difficult to predict, but Fati has shown flashes of brilliance despite his injuries. With the right support and continued hard work, a return to his best form is possible.
  2. Which clubs are interested in signing Ansu Fati? Reports suggest that clubs like Arsenal and others have shown interest in Fati, but no official announcements have been made.
  3. How important is Fati’s father’s opinion in his career decisions? While family support is crucial, career decisions ultimately rest with the player and his advisors. Fati will consider all factors before making any choices.
  4. Can Fati become the next Messi for Barcelona? Comparisons to Messi are a heavy burden, but Fati has the potential to be a star in his own right if he can overcome his injury setbacks.
  5. What’s next for Barcelona’s youth academy, La Masia? La Masia continues to produce talented players, and the club is committed to nurturing young talent. The emergence of players like Lamine Yamal shows that the tradition is alive and well.

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